SIPD Institute runs a GBV prevention project specially named ‘mushamkadzi’. In the Shona language of Zimbabwe, the term is an idiomatic expression that highlights and celebrates the critical role and importance of the woman in the home/ family. ‘Without a woman there can be no home.’ Every member of the family feels most at home when there is a caring and able mother figure.

But SIPD is saying that in order for that woman to perform this very invaluable function effectively, her needs must be taken care of first; she must be empowered enough to prevent GBV in her space, and to defend herself should it rear its ugly head.

In addition, the family and community must be conscientised on the scourge and the importance of reigning it in.

And girl children must especially be empowered for their sake today and as the future ‘mushamkadzi’.

Consequently, the Institute carries out projects designed to contribute to these aspirations, goals and objectives.

The current flagship projects of the organisation are:

  • Girl child education

The project seeks to create awareness on challenges faced by girl children in difficult life circumstances with respect to getting into school, being effective there and remaining there. The project also seeks to draw the attention of society to the vulnerability to GBV of women, regardless of age, who missed out on a proper education when younger.

  • Women entrepreneurship

The project promotes and supports entrepreneurship projects among economically vulnerable women in order to reduce poverty and, therefore, vulnerability to GBV for them and their children, especially girls.

  • GBV activism

The project seeks to create awareness on GBV issues at micro and macro levels, and to engender a sense of activism on the issues at various levels of society. Youths, especially, are encouraged to take a keen interest and appropriate action on such issues in their socio-physical environments. 


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