Since its inception, publishing was one of the Institute’s main goals. This was born of the realisation that many development organisations generate a lot of materials in the form of programme reports which is stored in their computers and shelves where they are not accessed by outsiders. Thus the organisation wanted to explore ways and means to get this kind of materials out into the public domain, for the benefit of academics, researchers and society as a whole.

Over the years, the organisation has made great strides in this regard, and in the process developed significant expertise in all facets of the academic publishing industry, from research through writing and editing to print and electronic dissemination.

The Institute publishes a refereed academic journal as well as occasional papers, and has published several edited books to date.

It also provides a whole gamut of publishing services to meet the requirements of independent researchers, academics and other organisations and institutions.

The current flagship projects of the organisation are:

  • The Southern Peace Review Journal

The Journal is published twice a year, in March and September. Papers on peace and related issues are invited and accepted all year round. Submissions are subjected to a rigorous peer review process in a double-blind format by an international cast of prominent academics and practitioners in the fields of development and peace.

  • Books

SIPD publishes books emanating from one of three processes – full book manuscripts generated internally or externally, conference proceedings or calls for book chapters. So far the it has hosted conferences on community peace-building and development for academics, practitioners and policy makers and published proceedings thereof in the form of books. And it recently published an edited book on environment, climate change and development in southern Africa following a call for papers.

  • Hosting

The organisation provides a hosting service for individuals, organisations and institutions seeking an appropriate and suitable institutional ‘housing’ for their intended publications. The intended or ultimate product could be a book or a special issue journal. The organisation has the capacity and expertise to handle the whole process from idea generation through research and writing to publication.

  • Research, writing and editing services

Using its extensive knowledge and capacity accumulated over the years, the organisation provides research, writing and editing services to individuals, organisations and institutions at three levels. One is advisory, where our experts advise and guide the process but without doing the work themselves. Another is where the organisation is contracted to carry out the research, writing or editing process as a single or individual assignment. A third is where the organisation provides a researcher access to grassroots communities through its affiliate CBOs under our CBO Development Programme.


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